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Gillespie Field Airport Profile

  • Part of the San Diego County Regional Airport System
  • Regional - General Aviation Relief Airport for San Diego International Airport
  • Regional - Business/Corporate Airport

                    Open 24/7
                   3 Runways

  • Capacity - 355,000 Operations
  • Demand Forecast - 400,000 to 500,000 Operations

Flight Patterns
Below, please find a map detailing the touch and go patterns of training flights, including the location of local public schools. Training flights use leaded fuel. Increased lead emissions can have serious consequences on the health of our families and children.

For more information, please review this study from North Carolina on avgas and lead blood levels in children.

Gillespie  LIVE - If you would like to view Gillespie Field Airport 24 hours a day, you may access a webcam here.

History(excerpted from the San Diego County website)
1942 - Commissioned as a Marine Corps parachutists facility and named for Marine Lieutenant Archibald H. Gillespie. Camp Gillespie served in that capacity until Marine parachute units were phased out in 1944.
1946 – December, the County of San Diego leased Gillespie Field and converted it to a public airport.
1952 – County granted ownership of the facility by the federal government.
1971 – San Diego County Sheriff stationed ASTREA, the law enforcement aviation section, at the airport.
1993 – San Diego Aerospace museum located its restoration operations and a special exhibit at the field.
1997 - Mid-air collision with cockpit falling into the dining room of a neighborhood home. 
2006 - Large training schools move into Gillespie.
2008 - Mid-air collision destroying roof of a neighborhood home.
2012 - Plan for Expansion and Redevelopment is adopted

Gillespie Field Airport