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Dianne JacobCoffee with Constituents, Friday, June 29, 8:30  a.m.

Water Conservation Garden, 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr.,El Cajon

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​​There is more evidence that car horns, airplanes and other loud noises might be bad for your health.

Read: Environmental Noise and the Cardiovascular System

Rep. Lieu Adds Noise and Lead Emission Provisions to FAA Reauthorization Bill
The following press release addressing aviation noise and lead emissions was issued by Rep. Ted Lieu of California on 4/27/18. It can be accessed on-line athttps://lieu.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/rep-lieu-statement-passage-faa-reauthorization-bill-including-lieu

Does the Continued Use of Lead in Aviation Fuel Endanger Public Health and the Environment?
While jets, which comprise the majority of commercial aircraft, don’t use leaded fuel, smaller, piston-engine planes use enough leaded aviation fuel (nicknamed “avgas”) to account for half of the lead pollution in American skies, making it a real air quality issue.


 Cuts could put some safety projects at risk.March 6, 2013
The article here by Chris Nichols appeared in the San Diego Tribune on March 6, 2013. A repeater signal from this hub helps to guide air traffic above 1600 feet at Gillespie. Other radar coverage does not exist.

The FAA will be giving the County the go ahead on the redevelopment/expansion of the former 70 acre El Cajon Speedway to aviation only businesses. That means a large increase in the numbers of operations at Gillespie Field. Mornings and evenings, we will be seeing and hearing low flying aircraft, and breathing exhaust from those increased flights as numbers climb.

Thee East County Economic Development Council (ECEDC) and the (South County Economic Development Council) have applied to the Economic Development Department of the Department of Commerce for a grant to study the feasibility of developing a joint Regional Aerotropolis. Gillespie Field and Brown Field are to become the hubs of a transportation network that will attract global economic development.

We suspect that in the case of Gillespie Field, the Aerotropolis will built around more flight schools which will mean more low #ying planes and helicopters. Santee council people voted to be an aerotropolis city and Mayor Lewis of El Cajon wrote a letter in January saying El Cajon was pleased to be a part of it too.

ACPsMarch, 2012
The FAA now offers Aviation Cooperation Programs (ACP) with China, South America and India. Because cheaper old fashioned leaded avgas is readily available in the US, cost of living is lower, and in the case of Gillespie Field, there are no noise code or curfews to spoil the playground, the US is a popular place to partner with for training. Gillespie Field has the highest number of flight schools in the County.